1stel Business Internet Services

Stay connected to a reliable network that allows you to maintain and grow your business. 1stel’s high speed Internet provides top-tier symmetrical data connectivity with unparalleled speeds of up to 1G. Our staff of professional technicians are constantly monitoring the network and will notify you of any potential issues that could affect your system.

  • Fiber-optic Network
  • 1st Alert Monitoring
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Dedicated IP

Corporate Emails

Reliable Network


1stel’s Internet Speed

The 1stel Internet network can be configured to meet your specific requirements. We understand the speed, bandwidth, and reliability requirements of today’s top businesses. From a business grade 5M circuit to a top-tier 500M or even 1G fiber solution, we will make sure your network allows your business to perform at its highest capacity.

Symmetrical Data Transfer

Ever frustrated with extremely slow file uploads? There’s a chance you are running on an asymmetrical data network. This simply means that the download/upload speeds are not equal. Symmetrical data guarantees high speed, reliable downloads and uploads around the clock.

Customer Support

1stel provides 24/7 support through a complete staff of telecom professionals who are constantly monitoring the network to make sure there’s nothing that may jeopardize your system. You can be sure that no matter what happens there will be a response team ready to guide you through the process.

Fiber-Optic Internet:

Fiber-optic Internet provides a significant improvement to the business Internet services. You can now take advantage of lightning-speed Internet up to 1G (in available locations).

Fiber Benefits:

  • Speeds from 5M to 1G
  • Private Connection
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth


  • 5.0M
  • 10M
  • 20M
  • 50M

  • 100M
  • 250M
  • 500M
  • 1G

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